2021 is going to be all about the benefits of full spectrum CBD at Cativa CBD with our new product line. These leverage the entourage effect for healing.


We’re going to get through any holiday mood struggles together, with a little supportive assistance from Cativa CBD.


Our hotly anticipated 2020 gift guide is live, featuring gift ideas for CBD and self-care lovers alike. Select your favorites:


In 2020 we witnessed tremendous growth and change for the CBD industry—serving only to strengthen our mission here at Cativa CBD.


As the Masters begins one player to watch is Tallahassee Florida native and Cativa CBD Ambassador Hudson Swafford.


2020 has been a very good year for Cativa CBD Ambassador and PGA Tour golfer Brian Gay, who just won the Bermuda Championship.


We’ve got 5 self care tips for incorporating World Kindness Day into your life in ways that are easy and improve overall wellness.


Cativa CBD is lucky to work directly with some fantastic foundations and organizations making a difference, including the Begin Again Foundation.


Practicing self-care and prioritizing mental health can pay long-term dividends, so we put together a few tips, including using CBD to enhance effects.


It is possible to tackle the issue of healthy aging proactively with the help of Cativa CBD and these three tips.


Cativa CBD donates $75,000 to Begin Again to help families facing difficult medical and life crisis.


We’ve compiled the latest scientifically based recommendations for selecting the best CBD product and dosage. Select what’s right for you!


Go behind the scenes with one of our star products: Balance Gum. Learn more about where the idea came from, ideal usage and dosing, and much more.


We’ve got five tips for dealing with all of the back aches and pains caused by this major recent transition to a work from home environment.


We’ve compiled a few common CBD questions & answers. You’ll learn more about this fascinating extract and its many potential applications in Pt. 2.


We’ve compiled a few common CBD questions & answers. You’ll learn more about this fascinating extract and its many potential applications in Pt. 1.


Cativa Health ("Cativa CBD"), a science-based cannabidiol (CBD) brand set to revolutionize the wellness and CBD industries, announced today the addition of the Balance CBD Sublingual Tinctures to its impressive THC-free product offerings.


Big news! 4 Cativa CBD athletes, Marc Leishman, Rory Sabbatini, and Michael Thompson are headed to the FedEx PGA Playoffs.


The Cativa CBD family is growing! Our brand-new Balance CBD Sublingual Tincture showcases the latest and greatest in CBD and CBG scientific development.


In the world of golf, American player Michael Thompson is a rising star. We’re proud to support this fine Cativa CBD athlete!


In a major advance for the industry, the U.S. House has voted to approve a measure allowing military members to consume hemp products (including CBD).


These 5 tips for muscle recovery are applicable to any fitness level: hot and cold therapy, cooldown, rest days, snacking smart, and a good CBD cream.


Cativa CBD would like to congratulate Cativa CBD athlete Michael Thompson on his win at the 3M Open.


CativaCBD set out to create safe, effective formulas that help to promote personal wellbeing, beginning with our Restore CBD Body Cream.


Cativa CBD brand offers over $160,000 in prize money to participating professional golfers


Cativa CBD brings CBD-infused iced coffee and hibiscus tea to market in time for summer


Cross-training is a great way to improve your overall fitness. It’s an excellent approach to make exercise exciting while ensuring that each section of the body is getting worked out. Additionally, as an athlete, cross-training is a great way to condition...


Studies suggest that CBD has several health benefits. It is widely used amongst different age groups for its calming effect on the body. Athletes place a lot of pressure on their bodies; unfortunately, this leads to unwanted inflammation. When it comes to...


A lack of sleep can impact a person’s performance and energy level. Studies have found that sleeplessness has been linked to obesity, stress, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Unfortunately, several factors can contribute to sleeplessness. Receiving an...


Living a healthy lifestyle comes with time and patience. What you put into your body is what you will get out of it. Wellness can be described as the physical and mental state of being in good health. Apart from remaining clear without sickness, wellness...


CBD works with your endocannabinoid system (ECS); a widespread system in your body that consists of cannabinoids your body synthesizes, receptors and enzymes.


CBD is now widely researched and over time, more and more will be revealed about the promising potential for CBD to heal many types of ailments.


Many people are wondering if CBD and hemp are the same thing. It’s easy to confuse hemp with the cannabis plant that has psychoactive effects and used in the production of hashish. Hemp oil, CBD and psychoactive...


The Holiday season for adults is synonymous with drinking and parties. Between company parties and gatherings with family there are many opportunities to have an adult beverage or two. Unfortunately, the side effects of...


CBD has reported benefits for inflammation such as that from menstrual symptoms. How can CBD potentially help Menstrual Symptoms? Menstrual cramps are characterized by lower abdominal pain that can be intense, throbbing...


Attended by local dignitaries and business leaders, Cativa CBD’s launch brings both philanthropic and business success


The holidays are just around the corner and that means a lot of hustle and bustle. Shopping for holiday gifts, decorating to deck the halls for a jolly season, parties galore (including the office white elephant gift...


CBD can be a very beneficial addition to your health but be sure to play it safe.


The Center for Disease Control is investigating 450 cases of lung disease thought to be associated with vaping. You may have heard a lot about the dangers of vaping in the news recently. It’s listed as a health crisis in...


Cativa CBD is proud to announce that professional golfer and PGA TOUR leader Marc Leishman is the global spokesperson for its THC-free CBD products.


Top ranked professional golfer joins Cativa CBD to spread benefits of zero-THC CBD, sustainability, and wellness.


(PORTSMOUTH, Virginia, August 22, 2019) Cativa Health ("Cativa CBD"), a science-based cannabidiol (CBD) brand set to revolutionize the wellness and CBD industries, is launching its first product line. Based on science...


Cannabidiol, or CBD, is everywhere. You can find it in oil, tinctures, creams, balms, gummies, vapes, chocolates, and drinks. We’ve even seen suppositories, toothpaste, and CBD-infused sugar! But why is CBD having a...


Think it’s just hippies and hipsters? Think again! Research indicates that most users are middle-aged, married, well-educated females. Read this article to learn who else is canna-curious. You may be surprised at just...


There’s a lot of information about CBD, hemp, and marijuana, and a lot of it is wrong. Let’s clear up the confusion and learn about the history and uses of CBD. Over time, people have searched for a cure-all remedy to...