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Think it’s just hippies and hipsters? Think again! Research indicates that most users are middle-aged, married, well-educated females. Read this article to learn who else is canna-curious.

You may be surprised at just how many people are using CBD products for their health and wellness. With the legalization of cannabis and cannabis products in 11 states, and legal medical and recreational marijuana in 22 states, there’s been a dramatic uptick in the interest and use of hemp and products made with it. 

Hemp has been cultivated and used to make cloth, rope, and food for centuries. The medicinal benefits of CBD, extracted from hemp (the non-intoxicating strain of the plant, Cannabis sativa) are being researched extensively by scientists and federal agencies. And, interest and use of CBD hemp oil products has skyrocketed. But just who is using it?

According to consumer data from a study of 2,400 respondents by  HelloMD and Brightfield Group , consumers report that CBD may help them find relief from depression, anxiety, insomnia and joint pain. 

Industry research indicates: 

  • 59% CBD users are female
  • 58% are 35 - 64 years old
  • Nearly half surveyed have a bachelor’s degree or beyond
  • 43% are married
  • 24% live with their children

CBD User Profile

Yes, you read that right - CBD isn’t just for college students. Baby boomers, or those born from 1946 to 1964, are also Cativa CBD fans. Sometimes referred to as the “Graying of America”, Boomers are turning to prescription alternatives for joint pain, anxiety and issues with sleep. 

But younger people also use CBD as an alternative to traditional medicine. Because people may believe that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s said to be a great addition to a post-workout recovery regimen. CBD is also used by some for menstrual cramps, bloating and other issues associated with the menstrual cycle. Of course, none of these observations have been backed by peer-reviewed research, so all claims are purely coming from personal experiences. In other words, they are NOT backed by the FDA or medical communities.

Average CBD User - middle-aged, college-educated female

What is known, however, is that Moms also use CBD for beating stress --  perhaps as an alternative to that glass of chardonnay at day’s end. In fact, very recent research from High Yield Insights, shows that half of the 2,000 consumers polled reported scaling back on prescription medications while 20% reported cutting back on alcohol consumption.

With so many products on the market today it’s hard to know where to start. Cativa CBD makes it easy to choose a non-intoxicating CBD product that combines the power of science with the promise of nature to bring you balance, wellness and health. Cativa collaborates with renowned scientists and engineers from Princeton University, and the University of Wisconsin to create earth sustainable, safe and effective products. 

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