Sports and CBD

Studies suggest that CBD has several health benefits. It is widely used amongst different age groups for its calming effect on the body. Athletes place a lot of pressure on their bodies; unfortunately, this leads to unwanted inflammation. When it comes to sports, CBD is a great tool to use during your recovery process to help the body repair and heal. Here are a few great benefits of using CBD to help with your sports recovery process.

Helps Ease Muscle Tension

Studies have found that CBD helps lower levels of inflammation in the body. As an athlete, you are constantly wearing and tearing the muscles in the body. Unfortunately, this leads to soreness from high-intensity exercise, which causes discomfort and irritation in the muscle tissues. When the body is sore, this can ultimately impact your performance and build tension within the body.

Studies show that consuming or applying CBD into the skin can help reduce inflammation within the muscles. When the tissues become tense, this leads to inflammation. Applying CBD directly to the skin helps relax the muscles to relieve tightness, and ultimately reduce inflammation. CBD may be used before or after high-intensity workouts to help prevent soreness and discomfort within the muscles.

Maximizes Recovery Process

Equally important, research indicates that adding CBD to your daily routine can help maximize your recovery process as an athlete. When the muscles are inflamed, discomfort and pain make it harder to fall asleep at night. Fortunately, the healing impacts of CBD help ease muscle tension to encourage relaxation, which makes it easier to fall asleep at night. Reducing sleeplessness gives the body more time to repair and recover after a tough workout. Furthermore, a speedy recovery also helps minimize stress on the muscles that also contribute to inflammation in the muscles.

Great Alternative for Pain Medicine

When it comes to sports, injuries, cramps, and bruises are not uncommon. Recent studies have found that anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen have been linked to heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and more. As an athlete, it is crucial to preserve and protect your body at all times. Studies suggest that CBD is a great alternative for pain medication. CBD helps reduce muscle stiffness and discomfort without harmful side effects when compared to NSAIDs.

Lastly, using prescribed opioids over time may lead to drug tolerance or addiction. Furthermore, the excessive use of opioids slowly damages the body over time. For this reason, CBD is a great alternative to opioids when considering long-term pain management.

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