How CBD Helps Keep Parents Healthy

We’re all familiar with the stress that parenting can put on moms and dads both, mentally and physically. Whether it’s sleepless nights, anxiousness, or just the regular aches and pains associated with chasing the kids around the house all day, parenting can certainly take its toll. In steps CBD!

CBD is a known sleep aid helping to quiet an anxious mind and relax the body. If your tough parenting days have been causing less than 8 hours of sleep each night, Cativa recommends adding CBD oil to your routine. Try any of our CBD oils 30 minutes before bedtime, and you’ll fall into a peaceful sleep easily. We love a half dropper of our Full Spectrum 1000mg tincture or a full dropper of the 500mg. As a non-psychoactive advanced CBD formula, this supplement can provide a maximum endocannabinoid boost. Use daily for full body and mind wellness support.

Maybe it’s the stress of parenting that’s causing you issues? The day-to-day anxiousness of scheduling, being prepared for a million different scenarios, and even the unknown can drive the average parent over the edge. Cativa’s CBD helps ease the regular anxieties caused by 24/7 Mom and Dad duties. We love our CBD oils for helping with sleep aid, but it’s great for daily use to keep anxiety at ease, too. Add it to your morning routine and notice the difference it makes!

Chasing the little ones around, picking them up all day, and lugging kid gear here and there can also impact your health. No one has time for extra aches and pains, certainly not a busy parent. Any time your shoulder hurts, maybe your knees feel a little weak, or you just can’t handle another piggyback ride, Cativa recommends trying our Restore CBD Body Cream. This ultra-moisturizing and restorative CBD body cream contains the power of hemp-derived CBD. The CBD cream helps to relax the body and mind and delivers CBD’s known benefits quickly and efficiently. A quick application of this body cream will ease your aches and pains almost instantly.

Check out all of our CBD products at the Shop tab and see for yourself which product might help ease the stresses of parenting!

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