Diclofenac and CBD

One of the newest words to hit the CBD and medical worlds is “diclofenac” and we’re here to explain its relation to CBD. Diclofenac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Using it will help alleviate pain associated with inflammation, stiffness, swelling, and joint-paint similar to symptoms associated with arthritis. Many people use diclofenac to treat general pain and discomfort.

With the healing powers of CBD and the cutting-edge technology at Cativa, our scientist have combined the powers of CBD and diclofenac into one product, our Plus, CBD Roll-on Oil.

Full spectrum CBD + Eucalyptus + Frankincense = perfection. Our Plus CBD Roll-on Oil combines the power of three amazing natural ingredients into one sweet and woody smelling oil that helps bring balance back to your body. Used topically on the skin for spot treatments, this concentrate is perfect for areas that need more comfort.

10ml, 1000mg full spectrum CBD + 1% Diclofenac

Here is a brief explanation of the combination of CBD and Diclofenac as explained by our very own, Dr. Mike:

“Cannabinoids tend to interact with cannabinoid receptor type 1/2 (CB1/2).  The CB1 receptor is typically found within the Central Nervous System and modulates neural behavior.  However, the receptor of interest in this case is actually the CB2 receptor, which is typically observed on the surface of immune cells and assists in the modulation of immune functions.  The interaction between the CB2 receptor and cannabinoids are not well defined, however, it is hypothesized to limit the spontaneous activation of immune cell functions.  Diclofenac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that suppresses immune responses such as inflammation via a different pathway.  With that aside, due to their ability to suppress the immune response and subsequently inflammation as well, it is most likely that they are working in tandem with each other.”

Love the idea of the combo? Treat yourself to our Plus Roll-On oil today! Your inflammation will thank you.

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