Get to Know Our Restore CBD Body Cream

CBD is having a very big couple of years in the United States. The 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act cleared the way for the farming and selling of industrial hemp, and its dozens of intriguing compounds. Products made with CBD, however, remain a mixed bag indeed. Without a clear set of standards and governance, there is great fluctuation in the amount of CBD in some creams and tinctures or some are not nearly as pure as claimed. As the industry grew, we at CativaCBD set out to combine scientific know-how from experts at Princeton University and the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy to create safe, effective formulas that help to promote personal wellbeing. Our first product is the lynchpin of our line; the Restore CBD Body Cream.

No Two CBD Creams are Equal

CBD is a botanical, as it is derived from a plant. The acronym is short for cannabidiol, a chemical compound. Cannabidiol cannot get you high because it does not contain any THC. While its popularity is relatively new, uses of the hemp plant date back tens of thousands of years. To learn more about CBD, read on here.

Like many, we saw the potential benefits of CBD . . . to help and support people in their health journeys. At the same time, we also saw a big gap in the industry for formulations based on science. We didn’t just throw CBD into a cream. We created a proprietary formula designed to penetrate the skin quickly and effectively. Our scientists utilize technologies that are not accessible by other brands. Our beautiful and highly affordable cream bottles contain 100mg and 200mg of CBD respectively. We also make it a priority to limit our environmental impact by using sustainably sourced hemp. Try our gum, mints, tea, and coffee as well.

Promote Wellness and Recovery with Restore CBD Body Cream

In addition to our CBD formula, the Restore cream includes aloe vera, evening primrose oil, and arnica, to smooth and soften skin while assisting in relaxing the muscles. This combination supports athletic recovery and is highly soothing upon contact. Every pump contains .5mg of CBD. You’ll feel the difference very quickly!

Try the Restore CBD Body Cream and other products from CativaCBD today!

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