What Does Sublingual Mean?

A popular term in the CBD industry is “sublingual” but not everyone knows exactly what it means. To ingest something sublingually means it's applied under the tongue. What’s the reason for putting something under your tongue, you might ask.

If you’re taking a medication or some type of supplement that is meant to benefit your health, wouldn’t you want to feel its effects as quickly as possible? Taking something sublingually allows for the fastest absorption into your body. The faster your body can absorb what you’re ingesting, the faster that product can get to work. In this case, CBD’s effects can be felt very quickly when taken sublingually.

Taking CBD sublingually also allows for the easiest ingestion because it doesn’t need to be chewed or swallowed. Taking something sublingually versus orally, avoids first-pass metabolism by the liver. Again, the most direct and effective way to get your CBD working quickly.

Cativa offers several products that can be taken sublingually. CBD oils, Delta 8 tinctures, and our almost-famous CBD tablets can all be taken sublingually.

Our new CBD sublingual tablets enable the power of CBD to be delivered to the body effectively. By placing the tablet under your tongue, CBD is released straight into the bloodstream and with our patented technology, you will benefit from the initial quick and then slow release of CBD. Our eco-friendly paper tubes are also child-resistant!

We offer two flavors: cherry and wintergreen. In addition to 25mg of CBD, the wintergreen version contains 10mg of melatonin for sleep aide. 

If you’re looking to try CBD products and want to experience the positive effects quickly, our sublingual tablets are a must-try!

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