What Is Hemp?

Hemp, by definition, is the cannabis plant when grown for its fiber. Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants and is farmed for many different uses. Specifically for its medicinal properties, hemp is becoming one of the most popular plants, too.

How is hemp different from marijuana? They are both actually from the same plant; Cannabis sativa, just from different varieties. The word “hemp” is used to describe the variety of Cannabis sativa plant that contains less than 0.3% THC. While the number percentage seems a bit arbitrary, it is put in place to identify that “hemp” will not get you high. Using the word “marijuana” means the cannabis plant that will get you high.

Once hemp became federally legalized, it started being farmed more for its medical uses, including the effectiveness of the CBD found in the plants. Several of our other blogs mention the health benefits of using CBD and other compounds found in the hemp plant. To name a few, the hemp plant and CBG are helpful in managing anxiety, depression, insomnia, aches, pains, inflammation, and so much more.

With hemp now being legal in the US, many companies are joining the efforts to bring awareness to the positive impacts of its medicinal use. Explore the different products on our website, all featuring our personal favorite plant: hemp!

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