Science Backed Benefits of CBD

“Due to the stigmatization of sp. Cannabis sativa and the cannabinoids produced by said plants, little was known about what benefits or dangers that may exist.  This leads to why science-backed CBD is so important as it focuses on the true benefits of CBD through experimentation instead of folktales,” says Michael Celestine, Ph.D. Senior Scientist and Laboratory Manager for Cativa Health/Nimbus Health Systems.

Why is important to truly understand the benefits of quality CBD? Any CBD company can make claims that their product helps with sleep, anxiety, or any multitude of issues based on online research of just the stigma that comes with CBD use these days. The true, quality CBD companies are using science and research to provide top-of-the-line products that DO help customers.

Cativa is proud to say that we have a research team lead by Michael Celestine, Ph.D. (Dr. Mike) that consistently focuses on proving the benefits of CBD use, analyzing and testing products for quality and purity, and ensuring that we aren’t just slapping a label on a bottle and trying to make a buck.

Cativa CBD is a leader in science-based and nature-led CBD wellness products, teaching and inspiring clients to explore the world of CBD. At Cativa CBD, science is in our DNA. Our revolutionary company is defined by its unique relationship with laboratories and research institutions across North America, with a focus on improving the performance of CBD and creating products that do no harm to the environment.

To date, Cativa has worked with scientists and prominent universities to formulate products that effectively, efficiently, and safely deliver the best CBD has to offer. These proprietary formulations are used only in Cativa CBD products.

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