The Science of CBD

For some, the use of CBD is becoming a normal part of their lives and daily routines. But there are still many questions as to what this mysterious plant actually does and why it does it. So where’s the science behind CBD these days? Scientists and doctors are working hard and new studies are constantly being developed. Here are some of the things we have learned.

What Are CBD and THC, Respectively? 

THC is a compound that is derived, just like CBD, from varieties of the hemp plant. These two differ widely in their psychoactive effects on the brain and surrounding receptors, which are responsible for amending some of our basic functional behaviors once stimulated. THC is the much stronger component that actually produces the “high” feeling that most of us are familiar with. Because CBD affects the brain quite differently, is tightly federally regulated, and has been studied extensively, this makes it by far the safest alternative for regular use. 

What Actually Happens in the Brain?

Two main receptors in the brain’s central nervous system are referred to as CB1, and CB2, respectively. CB1 receptors regulate our mood, coordination skills, and other functions. CB2 receptors drive more of the body’s immune system functions like pain and inflammation. When consumed or applied, CBD has a mild effect on the receptors as it binds loosely with them. This creates a response from the brain that then begins to alter some of the body’s physical functions.

What Actually Happens In the Body?

CBD affects the body’s endocannabinoid system. This network of receptors work to maintain the body’s homeostasis levels—mood, pain, and appetite for the most part. When CBD activates these receptors, these functions are enhanced or amplified. The two are essentially “interacting” or working alongside each other to change the balance in normal moods or behaviors. This is, in part, why some have attested that CBD alters their mood or makes them feel more relaxed than usual. hy.  

Health Benefits of CBD:

In recent years there have been some studies that suggest the product can help to ease some common physical and mental ailments in the human body. Some have found that CBD can potentially help to: 

  1. Manage physical pain
  2. Soothe sore muscles
  3. Induce sleep
  4. Relax the body
  5. Maintain health & wellness


This growing list of benefits reflects the outcomes of a number of studies conducted by scientists and doctors determined to discover the full benefits of CBD. Here at Cativa we offer a wide selection of CBD and CBD+ products that help with some of the benefits discussed above. Find out more here

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