Self Care + CBD on World Kindness Day

Today, November 13th, is World Kindness Day! We know there are quite a few “Days” out there as we go through the year, but World Kindness Day is a big one. It was established in 1998 and is observed in countries including the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and the U.A.E. It is a day devoted to even the smallest gestures of goodwill. We thought we would encourage our customers to practice a little self care as part of the day—during difficult times, caring for ourselves is crucial so that we are capable of caring for others. Below, we’ve laid out 5 tips for incorporating World Kindness Day into your life in ways that are easy and improve overall wellness.

5 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself and Practice Self Care

The purpose of World Kindness Day is to make kindness the norm all year ‘round. While it would be wonderful to put all five of these suggestions into action today, we recommend making them a regular part of your routine!

#1: Give Someone a Compliment

It may seem odd, but giving a compliment is scientifically proven to make us feel better in return. In fact, there are several ways in which doing good toward others results in our own benefit. For example: a compliment made out of sincerity builds trust between the two parties. It also makes us smile, which automatically brightens our day. And finally; giving a compliment makes you more likely to get one back. And we know how great that feels!

#2: Treat a Stranger

Taking the idea of helping others to make ourselves feel better goes one step further with the idea of paying it forward. In the Starbucks drive-thru, pay for your own drink and the drink of the person behind you. Pick up the check for the single mom or military member sitting next to you in the restaurant. It’s impossible to quantify the amount of good these actions can put out into the world. They make the giver, the receiver, and witnesses to the act feel truly warm and fuzzy. Positive interactions fuel us and help us with our mood all day long.

#3: Deliberately Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

The first two ideas may seem much easier than our third suggestion; to do something unusual for you or out of the norm. It is in discomfort, however, that we can truly learn what we are capable of. That’s why we see stepping out of your comfort zone as an inherently kind act—taking risks means we are willing to grow as people. And if we can better deal with change as a result, then we’ve been really good to ourselves.

#4: Move Your Body

“I move my body every day, that’s easy!” Yes, we all make moves to some degree, even if it’s to go from the bed to the couch. But 20 minutes of deliberate movement; a walk, stretching, dancing, or yoga; is a gamechanger. In addition to making us healthier, it also makes us better able to deal with stress and anxiety. It tests our joints and elongates our muscles. It also grows our brains.

#5: Wind Down with CBD

A post-workout or evening routine is a wonderful way to practice some self-care and show yourself some kindness. We recommend incorporating Cativa CBD Restore Body Cream or Balance CBD Sublingual Tincture into that routine to really take your relaxation to the next level. Allow the cream’s aloe vera and arnica to penetrate those stiff legs and sore back and feel your worries melt away, or place a dose of the tincture underneath your tongue for sublime rest.

Self Care is Kind!

Incorporating these five tips into your daily schedule will make you feel better, see the world as a brighter place, and ultimately, benefit everyone around you. That is why self care is so crucial; its effects spread beyond just us. If you try out any of these tips or have questions about the Cativa CBD products listed above, drop us a line!

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