The Best CBD For Me: Ultimate User’s Guide

It is a question we hear all the time.

“Your products look great, but which one is the right one for ME?”

As CBD research surges forward at a breakneck pace, we are passing that knowledge on to you. Cativa CBD believes an informed consumer is an enlightened consumer, able to make the best decisions for themselves. Below we’ve compiled the latest scientifically based recommendations for selecting the best CBD product and dosage. The goal is to inform and empower our clients so that they get started off on the right foot. 

First: let’s talk about safety. Studies find regular use (and even high daily doses of CBD) are resoundingly safe for the user. Dosage, formulation, and testing are of paramount importance. Picking the right brand and product is also crucial. Determining your reason for CBD use will assist in selecting a cream vs. a tincture or oil vs. a gum. We’ll discuss all of this below . . . and we’ll take a look at dosing and how a starting dose should be identified.

The Best CBD is Real CBD

Companies making high-quality products are transparent about their methodology, their sources, and their purpose. Otherwise, you don’t know what you’re getting. The first thing any prospective CBD user must do is check for product testing in a third-party lab. Each item should also come with a certificate of analysis (COA). This provides in-depth detailing of the amount of CBD and any other ingredients—along with their potency. It’s important to our clients that our Restore CBD Body Cream, Balance CBD Sublingual Tincture, and other products do not include THC. Details are listed at your fingertips in every COA provided on our website.

Select Your Product with Care

Once you have access to a brand you trust, it’s time to choose a product. This begins with knowing your reason for taking the supplement. Sore muscles? Stress? Overall wellness and health maintenance? Also consider the onset time; are you looking for immediate impact or steady support? With any of these choices, we recommend a compound with “easy dose” options. For example—our Balance CBD Gum is precisely 10mg of CBD per piece. No guesswork is needed.

CBD Product Formulations

CBD comes in three “forms,” as an isolate, full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum oil. Read on for the differences found in each variation:

CBD Isolate: This CBD maintains 99% purity in crystal form. Broad-spectrum CBD is refined until only the CBD remains. This is the variation, therefore, with the highest concentration of pure CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD: CBD and terpenes, other cannabinoids, and flavonoids show up in full-spectrum CBD, along with a small potential amount of THC. For this reason, Cativa CBD does not use full-spectrum CBD in its products.

Broad-Spectrum CBD: Broad-spectrum CBD begins as full-spectrum oil, and is then refined further. While nutrients and other cannabinoids are included, THC is not, so that the user still gets the entourage effect. Broad-spectrum CBD has at least 80 percent pure CBD content.

Start Slowly and Work Your Way Up

You have now determined the type of CBD you’d like to try—along with your ideal product. Current recommendations for CBD users are to start with small doses and gauge the effects before increasing. Once a user becomes more experienced they can take between 5-15 milligrams of CBD 2 to three times per day, staying around or under 45 milligrams in total.

This dosage advice should take into account a person’s diet, body weight and composition, their consumption method, and condition-dependent dose. It’s always a good idea to consult your doctor first before getting started. To learn more about CBD and its benefits, click here.

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