Why We Need To Destigmatize Hemp

Hemp use had been a hush-hush thing until recently when the government began to accept consumption of marijuana, CBD, and other hemp-related products. While it’s still unclear when it will become 100% federally legal, we can begin to destigmatize its use now and enjoy the many benefits.

Some might argue that the need for everyone to accept hemp use is because of the financial impact it will have on our country. Being able to tax hemp sales will be wildly beneficial for the U.S. But, that’s not why we are worried about making it a more common product to consume.

Hemp is said to be extremely beneficial for our health. We could go on and on about the benefits of hemp use for mental, physical, and emotional stability but we will try to keep it brief! Cativa started has with the purpose of combining the power of science and the promise of CBD to deliver wellness and health

When hemp is converted to an easy-to-use CBD product (like ours) the ability for the body to absorb and put it to work quickly is critical for the future of health care. CBD has proven to have the power to heal things like inflammation, anxiety, depression, pain, and so much more. The benefits of regular use has shown to help regulate heart health issues, memory, cognitive functions, cancer symptom relief, and the list truly goes on.

With the government continuing to make advancements towards full acceptance, additional education about its benefits, and normal conversation about its use, we are thrilled to look forward to the impact hemp will have on our nation’s overall health. What can you do? Do your own research, try the products, and don’t live in the past! You deserve to enjoy the benefits of what hemp use has to offer!

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