New CBD + CBG Tincture from Cativa CBD

The Cativa CBD family is growing! Our brand-new Balance CBD Sublingual Tincture is now available — and it showcases the latest and greatest in CBD and CBG scientific development.

Getting to know Balance CBD Sublingual Tincture

The new tincture is available in two sizes, 500 milligram ($40) and 1,000 milligram bottles ($65). Our formula includes coconut MCT oil, natural peppermint flavor, hemp-based CBD isolate, and CBG. Isolate formulation ensures the lack of any other cannabinoids, oils, or other matter within the bottle (which ensures no THC is present.) Read more about the different types of CBD here.

What is CBG Oil?

CBG stands for cannabigerol. It is a cannabinoid and is also found in the hemp plant. The cannabis plant has over 100 cannabinoids — and CBG is one of them, just like CBD and THC. Cannabinoids are active chemical compounds which can alter the release of neurotransmitters in the brain and act on the receptors in our cells. 

Just like CBD, CBG oil is nonintoxicating. It also appears to have a number of anti-inflammatory effects and other potential wellness benefits. The presence of this additional compound brings a user closer to the “entourage effect,” as multiple compounds work synergistically with each other in the body.

CBG isolate and other products have attracted a lot of attention recently. An important note: most full-spectrum CBD oils contain CBG, but they also contain a percentage of THC. Our isolate provides the CBG benefits without the THC. Anyone curious about giving it a try should always go with a reputable source. Our high-quality tincture is lab-formulated to be optimally bioavailable and interact with the body’s natural systems to promote wellness.

Is CBG the New CBD?

In comparing CBD vs CBG, the two contain very slight chemical differences. The science continues to advance at a rapid pace and minor cannabinoids are getting their day in the sun as a result. We combined the best of both worlds in our newest product, for your benefit. We look forward to hearing back from our customers as they put our brand-new tincture, and CBG, to the test.

Just as with all of our products, a reminder that Balance CBD Sublingual Tincture is meant for users 21 and up. Click here to learn more and place your order!

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