What is CBD, Anyway? Part 2

In Part 1 of our CBD FAQ series, Cativa CBD set out to debunk some of the common misconceptions regarding CBD and its many benefits. Below, we discuss legality and safety concerns. You’ll also find recommendations on product usage and dosing so that you are able to find the best option for you and your needs. All of our products can be found in the Cativa CBD online shop.


Q: Is CBD legal?

A: The Farm Bill signed into federal law in 2018 legalized all CBD derived from hemp and containing no more than .3% THC. For additional information about your state’s laws on CBD, check here.


Q: Is CBD a controlled substance?

A: When CBD is derived in a lawful manner under the Farm Bill referenced above, as Cativa CBD does for its products, it is not a controlled substance.


Q: Is CBD safe?

A: CBD oil is generally considered safe to take. We do not make claims in the treatment of any particular illness or disease; only your doctor or another medical professional can do that. Our products are meant to enhance wellbeing which includes: soothing aches and sore muscles, managing daily stressors, aiding in focus, and assisting with falling and staying asleep.


Q: Who regulates CBD?

A: CBD regulations are currently dictated by the FDA, which just approved the first cannabis plant-based medicine this year. Cativa CBD maintains a strict adherence to federal regulations regarding the use and application of our hemp-derived CBD isolate.

CBD Benefits and Applications

Q: Does CBD help with sore muscles?

A: Yes! Our Restore Body Cream does wonders in treating aches and sore muscles. Try it before or after a rigorous workout to help speed up recovery.


Q: Which CBD type should I use?

A: Generally speaking, CBD products will contain CBD isolate, full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum CBD. These provide different benefits to the user. Our CBD isolate and broad-spectrum extract go through a refinement process that removes all other phytocannabinoids, most specifically THC. All that is left is the chemical CBD compound in its purest form. Our Balance infused drinks and Sublingual Tincture are all broad spectrum. Our Cativa CBD Gum, Mints, and Body Cream are isolate-only. We encourage consumers to try a variety of high-quality CBD products to determine which works best for their needs.


Q: What is a good CBD dosage?

A: Unfortunately, there is no answer that works for everyone, because this is a personal choice. It is dependent on experience, preference, and your specific needs. Cativa CBD Balance Mints deliver 5mg per mint, while our Balance Gum contains 10mg per tablet. Both are excellent choices for first-time users of CBD. For the more experienced fan, our 500mg Balance CBD Sublingual Tincture contains 16.75mg of CBD per 1ml (one dropper), with double that amount available in a dropper of the 1,000mg bottle.


If we didn’t answer your questions on CBD, feel free to get in touch with us for more information. We also encourage you to check out our blog to learn more.


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