Prioritizing Your Mental Health with CBD: 5 Tips

Mary was having a tough day—a tough week, actually. Her dog was sick, her vacation was canceled, and work was driving her crazy. She wanted to get away from it all, but that’s hard to do during a global pandemic. Suddenly, she remembered the Balance CBD Sublingual Tincture in the cabinet. She took a dose, letting the oil sit for a few seconds under her tongue, and then drew a warm bath. Soon she felt her worries melting away...

It can be hard under normal circumstances to de-stress. Now, it feels even more impossible. Practicing self-care and prioritizing mental health can pay long-term dividends, so we put together a few tips. Each can be done alone at home. Best of all: Cativa CBD products can be used in tandem with any of these practices to enhance their effects! (If you’re unsure of which product to use, this guide can help.)


Biofeedback is a practice that unites body and mind. When done at the doctor’s office, the doctor may monitor your heart rate, muscle contractions, breathing, and more during a session. But it is possible to practice biofeedback on your own at home. It does not require medical training—although it’s always a good idea to seek advice from your own physician before commencing. 


Meditation is another practice that can be developed in the comfort of your own home. Improve calmness, gain clarity, and become more mindful in just 5-10 minutes per day. Apps including Insight Timer, Headspace, and Calm all offer thousands of guided meditations to start you on your journey. 

Tai Chi

This internal Chinese martial art is great for both physical and mental health because it is so low-impact and calming. In fact, it’s often called “meditation in motion.” In tai chi breath work is done in tandem with movement sets, resulting in better flexibility and balance. It’s a great practice for any age.

Music and Art Therapy

Art and music therapies enhance focus. They allow the expression of emotions which are sometimes difficult thanks to the creative process. Both are also used to help people with sensory impairments and developmental or physical disabilities. One easy way to take advantage of art therapy is to purchase your own mandala coloring book.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation, or PMR, is a century-old technique used to get from tension to relaxation across your entire body. Here is a great how-to on PMR from YouTube. Be sure to get into a comfortable position in a quiet spot before starting.

Mental Health + CBD; A Natural Combination!

There is no reason to be ashamed of mental health struggles, and every reason to seek out resources to help. As the saying goes, “It’s OK not to be OK.” While this year brought on new worries, it also opened up a renewed dialogue around prioritizing mental healthcare. Therapists say more people are seeking out their services. Families are becoming closer, and communities are banding together to tackle issues including inequality and racism. These are big silver linings during a difficult time. 

Cativa CBD is here to support you on your mental health journey. Contact us to learn more.

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