Can CBD Help with Hangover Symptoms?

The Holiday season for adults is synonymous with drinking and parties. Between company parties and gatherings with family there are many opportunities to have an adult beverage or two. Unfortunately, the side effects of said beverages can make the experience not so pleasant. The dreaded hangover can turn a great night into a terrible memory. Hangover symptoms can include: headache, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, decreased sleep, anxiety, and irritability. The remedies that most people are told include everything from eating a greasy cheeseburger to hydrating with Pedialyte. There are even people that are using IV drips with vitamins to provide them with relief after a long night of fun. People are always searching for the most effective way to treat a hangover. The biggest problem is everyone you talk to has a different way that they believe you can treat a hangover. All of them seem to work for the induvial that recommends it and maybe not so much for the person that is going through it at the time. All of the conflicting information can be confusing and frustrating while dealing with a hangover.

CBD has been talked about a lot within the past couple of years as a solution to alleviate hangover symptoms. Since the FDA has not regulated, CBD companies cannot make medical claims about the effects but the chatter around CBD supports a conclusion that there are some real benefits.  A lot of the symptoms that come along with a hangover are things that people use CBD to treat. Inflammation and aching muscle pain can be treated with a CBD topical. Loss of sleep, headache and slight anxiety can find relief with a CBD edible. Although there are not many conclusive studies in regards to CBD and over indulgence of alcohol, there is a study by US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. The study focuses on the level of intoxication sustained if CBD is taken before and during the consumption of alcohol. The results are inconclusive currently, but it’s a point to note that researchers see the potential correlation between hangover symptoms and CBD.

While its too early to tell if CBD can help with a hangover its certainly worth a try. It’s a much healthier alternative to most of the suggested recommendations. Introducing CBD to your body on a daily basis can help to stimulate the endocannabinoid system. Activating the CB1 receptor can lower blood pressure, lower anxiety and reduce inflammation. Although its not a proven treatment for a hangover its at least worth a shot to ward off the negative side effects of the holiday hangover. With that said have a Happy New Year and give CBD a try for your wellness needs in 2020!


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