CBD Gummies

Cativa CBD offers CBD in a chewable form. Our delicious gummies are a great addition to your daily regimen. One gummy provides 25mg of full-spectrum CBD. Experience the potential benefits of Cativa gummies: lower anxiety, improved mood, and overall lower inflammation. Our mixed fruit pouch comes in a variety of flavors including watermelon, strawberry, caribbean tropical, and grape. The CBD gummies are also vegan!

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The Ingredients

Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Water, Pectin, Citric Acid and Water, Natural Flavor, Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, Sodium Citrate, MCT Oil (Coconut Oil), Carnuba Wax, Exberry Shade, Celestial Yellow, Exberry Shade Brilliant Pink, Exberry Shade Fiesta Pink and Exberry Shade Purple Plum

How to Use

Take gummy orally

“Due to the stigmatization of sp. Cannabis sativa and the cannabinoids produced by said plants, little was known about what benefits or dangers that may exist. This leads to why science-backed CBD is so important as it...

We’re all familiar with the stress that parenting can put on moms and dads both, mentally and physically. Whether it’s sleepless nights, anxiousness, or just the regular aches and pains associated with chasing the kids...